Friday, March 29, 2013

TGIF 3.29.13

Welp, I had my kidney stone blasted today. I like to imagine it was like the Death Star blowing up Alderaan.

I won't know for a while yet whether Big Tex has been broken into lots of tiny pieces or not , but it doesn't hurt to pee anymore!

My friend's husband fixed my phone line and internet for me -- hooray! However, the internet is suuuuuper slow.  This is exactly what it feels like:

Well except for the whole peepee thing.

If you don't already like Colonel Meow on Facebook, do so immediately. He is the coolest-looking cat evar. Become his minion. ]:<

In other news, look at my dogs being adorable.

And finally, it feels like spring!!! This is the song I usually sing in celebration. [Seriously, if you haven't ever watched Milo & Otis, do it.]

Friday, March 22, 2013

TGIF 3.22.2013

Lawdy lawdy this week has been long.

I posted the goats who sound like humans video a few weeks ago, so here's a cat who sounds like a goat.

Here's a clip from the classic The Adventures of Milo and Otis that makes me feel calmer.

Speaking of pugs...

Speaking of turtles...

Friday, March 15, 2013

Oops I Did It Again

I could totally stop if I wanted to.

This afternoon I am off to pick up the latest Blonde Bomber (blonde in name only). I often describe Tanner as an oversized yellow lab; this guy is the black lab version. He's calm, sweet, and a little dopey. Exactly like Tanner.

I figured I would get a horse this spring or summer so that friends can go riding with me, so I sent an email to Lupine Farm's Emily to keep an eye out for a horse that had the attributes I was looking for. She pretty much immediately sent me this guy's info. Thanks (curses?) to Emily for finding him!

Casey (Jax's owner) came with me to check him out, and it was a done deal the moment I got in the saddle.

Introducing the Horse With No Name:

His current name is Black Jack but since we already have a Jax here at BB Acres, he needs a new name. Suggestions??

In related news: You guys, I am ridiculously proud of myself. When I went to hook up the trailer this morning, I found that the stand had broken through the piece of wood it was standing on and sunk 6-8" into the mud. That meant the hitch wasn't high enough to attach it to the truck. But instead of collapsing on the ground and crying, which is what I felt like doing, I took the jack out of the roadside tire change kit, assembled it, figured out how it worked, and jacked that mothertrucker up. All in half an hour. Hooah!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

And We're Back!

After a lovely week spent scuba diving in Honduras, I have returned to the snowy, muddy state of Maine.

From this:

Photo credit to Broseph Lieberman
 To this:

Despite that, I am glad to be home. I was happy to catch up with Marm, Dard, and Bro-da, but I missed the animals and the routine of chores. A tiny hint of spring is in the air (and in the mud), and I am ready for it.

AND, miracle of miracles, I am getting internet at home! I had been told by multiple companies that I could not get non-satellite internet at BBA, so I had resigned myself to shoddy mobile wi-fi. However, when I called to sign up for a landline since I can't have a phone call without dropping it at least twice, I asked, with despair in my voice, "Can you just check to see if maybe it changed and I can have internet?" And lo and behold, a miracle had occured and I will be getting internet on Monday!

I'll write a post tomorrow or Thursday about the trip with photos. :)

PS - congrats to A+C on the birth of beautiful Vivi!

Friday, March 1, 2013

TGIF 3/1/2013

I am headed to Portland tonight to fly out in the wee hours of the morning for Roatan! I'm meeting Marm, Dard, and T-bro for a week-long scuba diving vacation on the island off the coast of Honduras.

Alex is tasked with watching the farm, so wish him luck!

This week's TGIF includes

  • This Facebook post that satirizes the ridiculousness of soooo many viral Facebook posts (from friend Josh):
  • And this video: