Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dream Weaver

I've been having recurring dreams / dream themes for a few months.  Would you like to know what they are? Of course you do.

1. Moose sighting
You guys, not having seen a moose haunts me. At least once per week I'll have a dream that I FINALLY see one. I dream about posting it on Facebook and happy-texting everyone I know. And then I wake up and I'm sad.

I really did graduate high
school legitimately.

2. School
I think it's pretty common for people to have school related nightmares. I've had them where I have forgotten to go to class all semester, forgot my locker combination, etc etc. However, I have had a particular dream multiple times. I'm me in this day and age, and I get a notice from my high school that there was a mistake and they shouldn't have let me graduate. So I have to go back to high school and take some dumb math or physics or something class, all the while knowing I have a college degree. It's terrible.

3. School Part 2
In this scenario I've decided to go back to my alma mater (for vet school pre-reqs or somesuch) and I'm going to live with my old roomie again. And then either a) we've forgotten to sign a lease and have nowhere to live or usually b) I realize I have a farm in Maine and I have to back out, leaving Annie with an apartment she can't afford all by herself. Sorry Annie.

He was definitely the type of cat who would haunt people.

4. Zombie Cat
A couple times I've dreamed that my childhood cat Simba is back from the dead. Not in a creepy zombie way, just...back.

What are your weird recurring dreams?

Friday, January 2, 2015

High Hopes for 2015

Happy New Year, errbody!

I just got home Wednesday from a week at the (temporary) familial homestead. My parents' new house renovations are taking longer than expected and since they have already sold the old house, they are basically camping out in the woods in their cabin. No internet, no TV, surrounded by 54 acres of woods.

Needless to say, it was really nice.

I had to go all to Wisconsin just to see a damn moose.

However, not only was this the first Christmas not in the old house, it was also while my parents/their belongings are in a state of limbo. Add in that sister, brother-in-law, and brand new nephew weren't there, my other sister and brother-in-law left the cabin Christmas morning, and my brother and his fiance arrived Christmas evening...and it was a strange holiday!

I did get to see two out of three sibling sets though, as well as a very dear friend and her toddler. And I ripped through ten books (I highly recommend the Chicagoland Vampire series if you like that kind of thing - although be forewarned, it's a little romance novel-y).

As with any trip's end, it is good to be back home.  My dogs were pretty excited to see me after a week's neglect (just kidding, KR took great care of them) and the cats only gave me the cold shoulder for a few hours.

Reflecting back on 2014, I look at the scar on my hand and shift my butt to find a comfortable spot for my bruised tailbone and I say good riddance to bad rubbish! Here's to 2015 being a bigger and better year with plenty of adventures but much less bodily harm.