Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Farm Has Been Warmed

Sorry for the blog hiatus...

Let's talk about the farm-warming shindig! I am enormously grateful for so many people's help in getting ready for it, and for all the folks who showed up to celebrate.

Things that got done beforehand:
- House cleaned
- Garage cleaned
- Tool collection expanded
- Lawn mowed
- Broken hinges fixed
- Gate put in barn
- Barn cleaned
- Ramp destroyed
- Screen tent put up
- Large amount of groceries bought
- Various food items prepared

Dard remarked more than once that I ought to throw more parties, since holy crap, I got so much done with so much help.

Exemplifying this: DURING the party, we were talking about how I lied on the invitations since there was obviously no bonfire at the party. My friend Julie said, "Alright, let's make a fire ring!" And in ten minutes, I had a lovely fire ring with a crackling fire.

My friend Denise also gamely helped my dad cook lobster, since we had never done it before. And it was DELICIOUS.

And then there are my parents, who flew from Wisconsin, my aunt and grandma who drove from Wisconsin, and my friends Alana and Matt who drove from Delaware...who all did so much work getting ready instead of relaxing. I am a lucky gal.

Party montage!

Hattie supervises the mowing.

Hattie helps fix the mower. (She is not mangy, I promise! I gave her a terrible haircut.)

Hattie and Tanner bury their heads in the lush new pasture.

Party time!

Lobsta cookin'.

Lobstas are done!


Om nom nom.

New fire ring!

 MEGA THANKS to Marm, Dard, Jayne, Grandma, Ryan, Alana, Matt, Julie, and Ben!!

Also, next time you visit, parents, you are going to enjoy Maine instead of doing stuff for me. I promise!