Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I am so excited to announce that I am starting a new work adventure! On July 6th I will officially be the new Website/Volunteer Coordinator for the Franklin County Animal Shelter.

It is 15 minutes from the farm and the job involves a lot of aspects that I truly enjoy doing: graphic design, social media management, education and outreach, and volunteer coordination. And of course, I will get to play with PUPPIES AND KITTIES every day.

The Shelter director is very supportive of me continuing school although I will do so on a part time basis while working full time.

I am of course sad to end the MaineGeneral chapter of my life. I've been with an amazing team for almost four years and have learned so much while feeling like I'm making a difference in people's lives.

But I was ready to make a change. Things were getting a little slumpy and just when I was about to give up and curl into a ball, this job came along. And it all happened very quickly! It appeared on the Shelter's Facebook page late last Wednesday afternoon, just after I had had a cry and contacted a realtor about selling the farm that morning because something had to give. I immediately applied, heard back on that Thursday, had an interview the following Tuesday, was offered the job Wednesday, officially accepted the job and gave my two weeks' notice on Thursday!

The plan is to keep the farm while I figure out if I can swing it financially (perhaps getting one or two boarders or a roommate) and emotionally (i.e., I'm hoping the new job will give me the mental health boost I've needed), and then make a decision.

So yay!

While this whirlwind of change was happening, I was also gearing up for horse certification weekend for MMSAR. I had a lot of anxiety about it because last year was...not good. Plus I've only had Bisbee for three months and am still rebuilding my confidence as a rider.

I considered just bowing out completely because the anxiety was overwhelming, but after being talked down several times by a trusted friend, I tried to remove all pressure and frame it mentally as a practice certification for next year, in case we didn't pass.

But we did, with over 90% scores (as did the other two fabulous horse/rider pairs certifying). It started out a little rough when he wouldn't stand for me to get on, but once that was over we passed everything else with ease. Good boy, Bis!

I'm feeling much lighter and eager to start my new job...bring it on!