Furred Residents

By order of arrival:

18 year old palomino quarterhorse

I have had Tanner since he was 3 years old. We have been on many adventures in many states together, from Wisconsin, to Missouri, to Maine.

He is basically an oversized lab...super gentle, easy going, and loves people!

5 year old mutt
Everyone has different opinions as to what breed Finch is. My best guess is basenji and Australian cattle dog, but who knows!

I rescued Finch from the Delaware Humane Society in early 2011.

An incredibly smart pooch, for a while I had to padlock her crate shut or she would Houdini her way out. She loves going on adventures and snuggling. And she's an award winner! She won Best in Show at Planet Dog Foundation's charity dog show and got to be in a photo shoot.

Nellie (Fat Cat)
5 year old cat

Way more food-obsessed than the dogs, Nellie was rescued from the Waterville Area Humane Society fall of 2011 after 4 dead baby mice were discovered in a load of clothes in the washer. It was definitely time for a mouser!

Besides defending us from the hordes of mice and complaining about being hungry, Nellie loves the dogs; she'll chase them and let them chase her all around the house.

6 year old pitbull/lab/shepherd mix

I adopted Hobbes off of Craigslist in summer 2012. Timid around newcomers, especially men, Hobbes is a total lovebug and aims to please.

Since becoming a Blonde Bomber, he has really come out of his shell and cannot get enough of playing with Finch.

2 year old cat

A friend's niece had taken in a stray cat without realizing the cat was pregnant. What could a gal do but help out?

I picked up Skitters when he reached 8 weeks old, and realized he was PERFECT for BB Acres because of his mutated extra paws.

He loves playing with the dogs and snuggling in bed, and Nellie is sloooowly coming round towards him.

9 year old Maine Coon cat

I actually stole PoOf from the post office in October of 2013 (hence her name: Post Office). I was dropping off mail when this gorgeous albeit heinously skinny cat came up to me. She has since settled in nicely, even tolerating Skitters' antics.

11 year old Belgian/paint cross gelding

Bisbee came to the farm in March of 2015 after selling Harlan.  He is a very steady eddy with a curious personality and a willingness and eagerness to explore. He is my certified search and rescue mount, and I just love him. Plus he has a dragon marking on his side!